Cult of Personality

Definition (via Merriam-Webster): a situation in which a public figure (such as a political leader) is deliberately presented to the people of a country as a great person who should be admired and loved A bitchin’ song by Living Colour from the 90’s Let’s talk about the first one while we listen to the second:... Continue Reading →

Demolition Man predicted the Future

I know, I know, just let me explain... First off, spoiler alerts if you haven't seen the movie. Also, if you haven't seen it, your an awful person. Demolition Man, much like Idiocracy, has predicted our future with an uncanny degree of accuracy. Let's break down some of plot points: In the future, Society is... Continue Reading →

Another Tool in the Toolbox

In the wake of the shootings today in Alexandria and San Francisco today, it seems like an apt time to discuss the matter of gun control in this country. I was hoping to get this out during the lull between newsworthy events, but alas, life has other plans. This is not a reaction to the... Continue Reading →

Mr. Putin, Rebuild This Wall

With all this talk of Russian collusion, is anyone else missing the Cold War? You know, that period of several decades where we knew exactly who our enemy was, and the worst thing we had to fear was thermonuclear war, instead of whether we committed a microaggression against a terrorist? I figure there are plenty... Continue Reading →

London Bridge is Falling Down

174 Dead, 826 Wounded That number may seem staggering to you, and of course it is taken out of context. But once you hear what those numbers refer to, you’ll realize why even though they’ve been staring at you in the fact all along, they never really mattered to you. The most recent numbers, 7... Continue Reading →

Only the Strong Survive

Strength in a person can take many forms. There is of course physical strength, which anyone can hone to the best of their genetic potential. But there is also mental strength, which retaining your cognitive ability under stress. Not breaking down under pressure and becoming useless, that sort of thing. There’s strength of character; standing... Continue Reading →

From Paris with Love

Since the world is literally going to end now that we’ve pulled out of the Paris agreement, maybe it’s time to take out a loan and buy that $15,000 a bottle of Macallan… I won’t lie and say that I have any scientific knowledge regarding global warming, or global cooling, or climate change, or whatever... Continue Reading →

Violence is the Answer

Growing up, we are told on several occasions that violence is never the answer to an argument. We are expected to solve all conflicts with civil discourse or to walk away if that isn't possible. Everyone hugs and shares and gets along in perfect harmony. But then reality comes along and slaps the shit out... Continue Reading →

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