Mr. Putin, Rebuild This Wall

With all this talk of Russian collusion, is anyone else missing the Cold War? You know, that period of several decades where we knew exactly who our enemy was, and the worst thing we had to fear was thermonuclear war, instead of whether we committed a microaggression against a terrorist?

I figure there are plenty of people who do, what with all this fuss about how the Russian’s hacked the election, and our President is in cahoots with them, and what not. I find that strange, because I am pretty sure we were all told by the messiah himself, President Obama, that the idea of Russia being any sort of real threat to the United States was a statement that belongs in the 1980’s. I’ve been told he’s never been wrong, so it must be true.

It’s almost as if they are using Russia as a scapegoat to make up for the fact that their “can’t lose” candidate lost. It must have been a last minute thing, because every single theory they’ve put forth is getting shot down almost daily, either through hard evidence or testimony. Not very well thought out, very sloppy. And sad to say, it doesn’t look like they’ll be learning their lesson any time soon.

A new Cold War won’t really work as well as the last one either. Back then, it was the capitalism of the West versus the communism of the East. Now that communism is dead in Russia, it’ll just be the crony capitalism of the West versus the crony capitalism of the East. Where’s the fun in that?

Well, here’s hoping they find a way to make it work. Always wanted to live through Red Dawn. Fingers crossed they keep the nukes to a minimum.




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