From Paris with Love

Since the world is literally going to end now that we’ve pulled out of the Paris agreement, maybe it’s time to take out a loan and buy that $15,000 a bottle of Macallan…

I won’t lie and say that I have any scientific knowledge regarding global warming, or global cooling, or climate change, or whatever we’re calling it these days. I’m not a scientist, I haven’t collected data. I haven’t even seen the data, though I hear I’d have to take any data provided with a grain of salt. But despite all this, I am a climate skeptic.

I am a science denier.

I am a heathen (proudly, I might add)

I don’t base this off of any facts or knowledge specific to the science of climate change. I base it off of the behavior of climate change advocates. If a bunch of scientists who’ve spent decades studying climate get together and tell me that they’ve got empirical evidence to show that humanity is destroying the planet, and submit this evidence for peer review, and are willing to debate these findings with all comers, I’d probably believe them. But that isn’t what is happening. What is happening is that we are told that climate change is settled science, that any debate of this means you are a science denier and should be arrested and/or killed, and that we have to do something right now or we will all die forever.

Saying something is settled science is the most unscientific thing you can say. Scientific knowledge is just the best knowledge we have at the time. We can always discover something that changes what we know. For example, at one time in history, it was settled science that the world is flat. At one time, it was settled science that the sun revolves around the earth. Hell, until recently it was settled science that convfefe was not a word.

Science is not an absolute. It’s always up for debate. The fact that climate advocates will not allow debate, and actively shut down or defund any effort to provide evidence against man-made climate change, shows me that they aren’t confident in the science.

Quite frankly, the fear and urgency behind every push for us to “do something” about climate change is the most damning argument against the climate change movement for me. Fear is a powerful emotion, and has been used countless times by dictators, despots, and all manner of persons to garner support for ideas that are usually horrible for everybody else but great for the advocate.

Are we following a doomed path of self destruction and global apocalypse? Maybe, but you’re not going to convince me by telling me to believe it or die.

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