Welcome to the Mead Hall

If you’re anything like me, you have an easy time fitting in to any group, because you are highly intelligent and can contribute to just about any conversation. You can also adapt to a wide variety of view points and find common ground with anyone.

Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me,  the fact that you’ve engaged in combat, whether at home or abroad, separates you from the majority of civilized society. It’s introduced you to a truth that most people who live in the first world haven’t even considered: that violence is not only an answer, but it can be a highly effective one.

This blog is designed to be a home for those who have realized this, whether you’ve seen the violent nature of humanity first hand, or you’ve come to this realization absent having fired shots in anger. We’ll be discussing a wide variety of topics with this in mind.

Fair warning: Punches will not be pulled, and topics will be discussed bluntly. Also, as a former Marine, I’m probably going to be crass on occasion, and curse excessively.

Welcome to the Mead Hall. Take a seat, pour a drink, and listen up.

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